Eco-Friendly Pillow Inserts: Pillows and Lounge Beds are Filled with 100% recycled fiber.


Water-Resistant Liners: Luca pillows and orthopedic beds have a water-resistant nylon base that is perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Luca Dog Bed Liners

What bed is best for my dog? Here is a simple list to help you find the best bed for your dog's needs. 

Orthopedic Bed Hands down, the best bed for big dogs. If your dog is over 100lbs, or suffers from hip and joint discomfort, this is the perfect bed. Fitted cover strip off easily for quick washing. Water-resistant liner protects foam pillow. Soft egg-crate provides superior comfort. Washing instructions: Remove cover and liner, wash cold/tumble dry low.

Luca Rectangle Beds

Rectangle Pillows Best for medium and larger dogs who love to snuggle in a soft pillow. If you want a bed that is simple and easy to keep clean, this is an amazingly low-maintenance bed. The cover strip off easily for quick washing. Includes water-resistant liner and channeled pillow for ultimate protection and support. Washing instructions: Remove cover and liner, wash cold/tumble dry low.

Luca Lounge Beds

Lounge Bed This bed is a luxurious choice for dogs who like to lean on bolsters, and/or prop their heads up. The inner pillow cover strips off easily for quick washing, and a water-resistant liner protects the inner pillow. Washing instructions: Remove inner pillows, wash bolster covers, pillow covers, and liners in cold/tumble dry low, or lay flat to dry for best results.

Nest Bed A super plush choice for the pampered pooch. This bed is ultra soft to the touch. The deep inner pillow provides a safe, cozy place for dogs who like to nest and curl up. Washing instructions: unzip outer bolster, wash cover in cold/tumble dry low. Wash inner tufted pillow on cold/lay flat to dry.

Crate Cuddler A great choice for dogs who need a soft, durable place to rest in crates, travelling, or just lounging around. The water-resistant nylon base also make this a great bed for camping, and the great outdoors.  The orthopedic foam center offers support, while outer bolster gives neck support.  Washing instructions: Remove orthopedic foam, keep outer bolster zipped in, and wash entire bed on cold/tumble dry low or lay flat to dry for best results. 


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